Yakkit.org is a social-networking and learning site for people with disabilities. The site has been built from the ground up with the requirements of young adults with special needs. The site is a collaboration between the SouthWest Institute for Families and Kilometer0.com.


User profiles and Avatars

Yakkit users can create custom avatars using custom graphics for hats, face, hands, feet, and clothes. They can update their profiles and add information about themselves for their friends to see.


Yakkit users can become friends with themselves and see their blogs, media uploads, and profile information. They are alerted whenever their friends post something new. Users can also send personal messages using video (captured through their webcam) or text-to-speech.

Blogging / Media Library

Users can post to their blog using video or text. Text is converted to speech based on the user's gender for users who might not be able to read. Users may also upload photos, videos, and create bookmarks.

Member Forum

The member-only forum allows Yakkit users to talk about various topics with the Yakkit community. Users are able to create new topics, and post comments to existing topics. Topics and comments can be video (created using the user's webcam) or text (converted to speech based on the user's gender).

Learning Videos

The Learning section videos is a public area that contains videos on various topics the Yakkit community might be interested in. Current topics and videos include health, community, school, and comedy.

Coming Soon

Yakkit.org is an ongoing project and soon users will have access to multiplayer games, connect with Facebook and MySpace, and share their blogs / media uploads with people outside the Yakkit community.


Flex / AS3 / Mate Framework

The site front end is built using the Flex Framework in combination with the Mate Framework and Degrafa for skinning. Current code base is close to 6,000 lines of AS3 / MXML code.

CakePHP / FlexibleCake / ZendAMF

The core of the backend is writted on top of CakePHP 1.2. The front end communicates to the back-end via ZendAMF. FlexibleCake, a Kilometer0.com project, acts as a proxy between CakePHP and ZendAMF.

Wildflower CMS

Wildflower CMS is the basis of the administration section of the site that allows content creators to upload Learning videos and allows moderators to flag inappropriate content.


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