Projects is a social-networking and learning site for people with disabilities. The site has been built from the ground up with the requirements of young adults with special needs.

Mobile LiveTouch Framework

Mobile LiveTouch is a multi-platform framework that allows multiple users to interact with digital displays using touch-based interactions in real-time. The framework is based on open source technologies and is usable on any phone with a Webkit based browser.

GlitzItNow Retailer Store

The GlitzItNow Retailer Store is eCommerce platform built on osCommerce built for the GlitzItNow. It serves as their primary method of providing their retailers with products and includes credit card processing, shipping, coupons, and customer accounts.

Socket2Me: Open Source PHP XML Socket Server

Socket2Me is an open-source XML Socket server written in PHP. It was created to serve as the basis for a multiplayer flash-based game communication server, but can be used for any socket based communication.


FlexibleCake is a CakePHP controller that allows you to easily expose an AMF endpoint for use with Flex. Once the controller is in place, you can call any controller and function in CakePHP from Flex.


SvnCommitToFTP (SC2FTP) is an open-source application that allows you to automatically update your website via FTP after a Subversion Commit. It is one of the few .NET Implementations of the Subversion native client, so it is a good place to learn about using it.

MSSQL to MySQL Exporter

EditMSSQL to MySQL Exporter written in C# for the .NET Platform. Will get a list of tables, and export them to a text file that contains SQL statements to create tables and add rows.