GlitzItNow eCommerce

The GlitzItNow Retailer Store is eCommerce platform built on osCommerce built for the GlitzItNow. It serves as their primary method of providing their retailers with products and includes credit card processing, shipping, coupons, and customer accounts.


B2B Only

The GlitzItNow eCommerce store only allows wholesalers to purchase products. Discounts are applied to special types of accounts.

Multiple Payment Options

Implementation includes standard credit card approval / processing, as well as "store credit" and "NET90" payments.


Special promotions can be created through an administration tool and coupons can be assigned to them. Coupons can be percentage, fixed dollar amount, or free shipping.

Quick Purchase

Power users are able to view all of the products on the site quickly on one form, and submit an entire order with minimal clicks.

Order Tracking

Customers can track order status, attach special instructions, and view past orders through their customer page..

Fulfillment Integration

Integration with 3rd party fulfillment company. Orders are submitted in realtime, and an automated batch process retrieves order updates from the fulfillment center.



Customized osCommerce installation with multiple plugins (coupons, credit card processing, custom image upload).


PHP was used to customize osCommerce and to write the fulfillment integration.


MySQL database was used with InnoDB tables for transactional queries and referential integrity.


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