The Kilometer0 team is a group of industry veterans that takes on interesting projects and develops new and innovative products. We provide top-agency level work for small-agency prices. We are able to provide solutions that bring projects to life for clients that wouldn't normally be able to. We are particularly proud of our work with non-profits and small-businesses.

Building websites and applications is just a small fraction of what we offer our clients however. The Kilometer0 team helps clients really take their projects to the next level. We provide ideas for enhancements, advertising, integration, and more. Contact Us with your idea and we'll help you take the next step toward finishing your project. Kilometer0 really is where your next project starts.

The Team

Kilometer0 was founded by Alex Petrescu in 2007 as a place to share code and insights with the developer community. He slowly assembled a team of trusted friends and colleagues to help him work on projects. The team now consists of several web developers, backend developers, flash developers, and designers. It is growing slowly and organicaly as we find more friends we trust to work with us. Combined, we have the skillset and manpower to take on projects of all sizes and nimble enough to work on cutting edge projects that larger agencies have a hard time retooling for.

Team Members
  • Alex Petrescu, founder, technical architect
  • Dan Sherman, backend developer
  • Azad Jarrahzadeh, flash developer
  • Anthony Arrieta, designer
  • Ted Angelilli, designer
  • Reuben Naholowaa, web developer
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