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Kilometer0 is a service-based organization specializing in web and mobile development. This site serves as a portfolio and as a way to share code and insights with the developer community. Whether you're interested in hiring us to help you start your project, or use some of our code to start your own project, kilometer0.com is "where projects begin".

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Mobile LiveTouch

Mobile LiveTouch is a multi-platform framework that allows multiple users to interact with digital displays using touch-based interactions in real-time.


Yakkit.org is a social-networking and learning site for people with disabilities. The site has been built from the ground up with the requirements of young adults with special needs.


Socket2Me is an open-source XML Socket server written in PHP. It was created to server as the basis for a multiplayer game communication server, but can be used for any socket based communication.

GlitzItNow Retailer Store

The GlitzItNow Retailer Store is eCommerce platform built on osCommerce built for the GlitzItNow. It serves as their primary method of providing their retailers with products and includes credit card processing, shipping, coupons, and customer accounts.

Recent News

Yakkit.org Beta

November 5, 2009

I am pleased to announce that after one year of planning and development by the team at Kilometer0 and SouthWest Institute for Families, Yakkit.org is not in Beta and ready to be used and tested by willing participants.

NYFlex UG Mate Presentation

October 22nd, 2009

I gave a presentation on the Flex framework Mate to the NYFlex User's Group. I posted the slides and demo code that included YQL integration and Twitter search.

Yahoo Hackday

October 9-10, 2009

I participated in the Yahoo OpenHack Day in NYC recently. Jack Howell, Ted Angelilli, and I worked for 24 hours straight to develop a demo using the Mobile LiveTouch platform.